Comic history

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Intro Ah, comics… No child should have to grow up without them. They can be creative, engaging, funny, etc. Once they were regarded as a social bane today some comics are actually considered high art and comic book illustrators are well respected in art circles. Reading comics also encourages learning and they have been incorporated […]


Poster design

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If you are a somewhat competent artist, designing a good poster really comes down just to the idea. There are some set rules to follow when designing a poster but most of them are the same basic set of rules that you follow when painting. A poster is a visual presentation of information. It’s purpose […]



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DPI and PPI are not the same! Before we can talk about scanning or printing quality, when discussing digital art, we need to understand what resolution is. Resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch). BTW 1 inch equals 2,54cm. Unfortunately most people confuse both terms, even though they are […]