Good and bad caricatures

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I’ll admit, when it comes to caricatures, I have a specific taste and am VERY critical of styles I don’t like. I’m not going to act as though my caricature work is perfect and doesn’t have flaws but hear me out… This is my personal opinion and is in no way fact, so take from […]


Illustrating tools

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This is one post that is very subjective because every illustrator has his own specific set of illustrating tools and procedures for their work. Maybe I can shed a little light on what I use for my work though. Paper I use plain standard printer paper because it’s cheap and of good enough quality for […]


Is comic sans really a bad font?

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Is Comic Sans really a bad font? That’s what most designers think anyway. My opinion is a bit mixed. History Let’s take a look when Comic Sans came about. In 1995 Microsoft launched one of its biggest failures – Microsoft BOB. It was basically an operating system that used different rooms as its GUI (graphic […]


Adobe Illustrator – Pattern brush

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Finished zipper brush

The brush is a VERY powerful tool in Adobe Illustrator. In this article I’ll show you how to use the pattern brush to your advantage. Creating chains, ropes and other strokes by hand is tedious and time consuming. That’s where the pattern brush comes in to play. It can be used for simple patterned lines […]