Finding inspiration in the weirdest places


It’a been a while since I’ve actually written this and was basically contemplating not posting this because the post is kind of weird and only semi related to my other posts. Also it gets kind of weird at a certain point so bare with me :).

I applied for a job that was basically my dream job. I sent an application to outfit7, the people that made Talking Tom. To make a long story short I didn’t even get an interview much less get the job. To be honest I never really expected to get the possition (a lot of people probably applied) but even so it’s kind of dissapointing when you don’t get that dream job.

The point of this post

The point is not me gripping how I didn’t succeed. Quite the opposite. Sometimes it’s good to fail. At least I try to think of it that way. I could have read the email and started moping and doping around, be sad and go to work in the morning with a long face. I didn’t. The rejection rather made me think: »How can I convince them to take me the next time they will be hiring?« The answer was simple. GET BETTER! Work harder and get better. I already know I’m good and that’s not me bragging, but being confident in my ability. And yet there is always room for improovement. That is basically one of the reasons I wanted the job. So many talanted people work at outfit7 and I thought I could learn a lot from them and get inspired to do even better. It’s just going to take a little longer to land that dream job :).

The millennial problem

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of posts and watching a lot of videos on millenials, of which I am one. The reads were mostly about depresion and entitlement. After reading and watching A LOT of these I got kind of mad. Mad at my peers because most of the videos were right, but also mad at myself because at some point I realised I was stuck somewhere in between. According studies millenials feel entitled because they were told all their life they are special (that’s grossly simplified to be honest). You don’t get a job just because your momma told you that you are special and can achieve anything if you really want it. You won’t get a raise just because you did your job OK for 6 months, it’s your job you’re suppose to do it efficiently. Life doesn’t work that way. You don’t get something just because you want it. People tend to get depressed when that happens. Then they give up and do stupid things. If you really want something you need to work at it. I recommend watching a video or two it’s really an interesting subject.

Now the weird part of this blog – Inspiration hits

I’ve been on a Ducktales cartoon binge for a while now, ever since the reboot was aired. I even dug out my old Game boy game and replayed it. Ah… Carefree nostalgia :). And I found inspiration in the weirdest of places. In Scrooge Mcduck. Though his character can be questionable at times he is a positive character (at least in the animated version). The inspiration struck me when I realised that he had NOTHING handed to him. He worked hard to get his initial fortune, had it stolen from him and worked hard to gain it again. Then his smarts and cunning kicked. He worked even harder, amassed an amazing fortune and got even richer. His riches are not what inspired me though. What inspired me was his dedication. Even as a rich duck it’s clear he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty (in a good way I mean). I know one of his more famous quotes is: “Work smarter not harder.”, but I’ll still maintain that that’s impossible if you don’t work hard first. You have to work to get smarter, better and efficient. He works just as hard as he ever did before he even had a penny to his name.

Scrooges first penny
Truth or fiction?

I can already hear people say… But Scrooge is a fictional character that was written to be precisely that character and in real life that is not realistic. True… Not everyone succeeds even though they give their best. But at least then you can say that you at least tried. You never really fail if you work hard and do your best. Why? Because you grow as a person. There are real life examples though. Like Michael Jordan, Tim Cook, Satoru Iwata, Indra Nooyi, etc. All these people come from poor-ish backgrounds and now they are or were (Satoru Iwata is sadly dead) very successful in their field of work. I won’t bring ethics in to it because I’ve heard that Jordan could be a douche at times but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he trained like a mad man to perfect his condition, shots and dribbles.


To conclude. I’ll probably apply for a position at Outfit7 again when they are hiring. If I get rejected again, I’ll get even better and try again. I may never succeed but that’s not the point. The point is that even rejection inspires me and it’s this very rejection that made me realise that a lot of my peers can be entitled little bitches and I don’t want to be like them.

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