Adobe Flash – Morphing objects and texts


Creating a morphing shape in flash is fairly easy if you already know everything from my previous post.

Morph from square to cyrcle

Place a new shape on the stage (do not convert it in to a symbol).


Now create a new empty key frame in frame 48 (2 senconds) by pressing f7. Place a new shape on the stage (a different shape) on to the stage (again, don’t convert it in to a symbol).


Now right click on any of the first 47 frames and select “shape tween”.

Shape tween

Now the object from the first frame will morph in to an object in the last frame.

Make it move

You can also make the object morph while moving. Just place the object in the last frame to a different position.

Can I morph text?

The same can be done with text. Write a string of text anywhere on stage. Now break it apart twice (right click on the text and “break apart). You can’t edit the text anymore now so think before you break apart texts and shapes.

Create a new key frame in position 48. Write in a different text and break that apart twice as well. Create a shape tween again and you are done.

Download example file

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