Guitar stompbox mockup

I’ve been working on my own passion projects for a while now. Like making my own guitar effect pedals, and spending some more time on my retro gaming collection. Sadly my illustration work and such is lacking as a result. But hey… Why not combine the two passions? So one thing led to another and I decided to add some art to my guitar pedals.

Usually I use mock-ups to check my work before I actually print and implement it. I couldn’t find any usable ready made mock-ups. What do you do when you can’t find any? Why make your own of course. So this is basically just a showcase. Not a tutorial or anything. I am posting the Photoshop file for anyone that would also have use for it. I’m sure there are more elegant solutions for some of the things I did but hey… It’s free :P.

P.S.: The LED’s can be turned on ;).


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