Speed drawing – Legend of Pekerska gorca

I’ve been doing a lot of illustrations of Slovenian folklore. So… This is a weird one.

Near Maribor there is a lonely hill named Pekerska Gorca (Pekre Hill). Pekre is a small settlement near the hill. The hill stands lone in a wide field.

The story goes that in the old days the people of Maribor were behaving inappropriate, despite God warning them they should clean up their act. God was tired of warning them over and over. He left their fate to the devil.

The devil gladly tore a large chunk of the Pohorje hillside (a large mountain near Maribor and Pekre) and headed towards the Drava river that flows through Maribor. His intent was to block the water flow of the river and drown all the citizens of Maribor. On his way he met Mother Mary. Some say he got so startled that he dropped the piece of mountain. Other’s say she put him in a daze. When he snapped out of the trans he left the piece of mountain lying there and ran off. Either way, that’s how Pekerska Gorca was created.

The place where the devil tore of the piece of mountain is said to have become Črno jezero (the Black lake). Today there is a small church on top of the hill to thank Mother Mary.

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